Celtics Staff



Program Administrator and Director
Ernest Crop PIC_0535

Ernest Edwards
Phone: 630-362-7196
Email: eedwards@usaglassandmetal.com



17U Head Coach
Renard Crop PIC_0532
Renard Miller
Phone: 331-333-0100
Email: coachrmiller@gmail.com
17U Asst. Coach
Deon Crop PIC_0539
Deon Sams
Phone: 630-888-5393
Email: deonsams@aol.com
16U Head Coach
Rick Crop PIC_0665
Rick Lenoir
Phone: 630-251-483
Email djrlenoir@aol.com
16U Asst. Coach
Dave Crop PIC_0667
Dave Sieger
Phone: 312-497-9683
Email: dsieg44@gmail.com

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